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May 1-5, 2004

May 1-5, 2004 - A Visit to Alabama that will change your life!

   Statue of the Virgin Mary in the Field at Caritas
She has attracted the throngs before you…

Graced them directly with Her benediction…

Lifted them, removing their burdens and left them with an unexplainable joy…

She again calls you to come next to a Pine in a Field and experience the grace that She, the Virgin Mary, wishes to give you during the moment of Her Apparition.

1981…the Balkans…the last Apparitions on earth and most important in the history of the world began. The Virgin Mary appeared to six children in a little village, called Medjugorje. Three of them still see Her each day. One of the three, Marija, will be in Alabama May 1–5, 2004. If you, who grasp the profound grace of being in the presence of the Queen of Heaven, wish to do so, come in response to Her call. Thousands before have come to an open Field in Alabama and encountered the Virgin Mary in the heart to such realness during the apparitions that forever they are changed. May 1–5, 2004 an encounter with Heaven!

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December 16, 1999

"The most incredible week I’ve ever experienced in my life."

Buffalo, New York

December 12, 1999

"I must say it was the most moving emotional experience of my life."

Dayton, Ohio

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For more information contact Caritas directly:
Caritas of Birmingham • 100 Our Lady Queen of Peace Drive • Sterrett, AL 35147 USA • 205-672-2000


December 29, 2001

"The tranquility during Marija’s apparitions was so peaceful and full of grace and love. I will never forget this special time.."

Greeley, Colorado

January 3, 2002

"My experiences during December with Our Lady’s apparitions were beyond words. There was an overwhelming sense of love and peace beyond anything I have ever experienced. It was hard for me to leave. "

Eagan, Minnesota

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