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Our Lady's Visit of 1999


Marija's Visit of 1999

(some content quoted from Medjugorje.com)

Every year from December 8-12, Caritas hosts a re-dedication of their main operating center, The Tabernacle of Our Lady's Messages. In 1999, the Medjugorje visionary, Marija, came back to Caritas to be them during their annual Five Days of Prayer December 8 – 12, 1999.


This time Marija was with her translator and friend, Kathleen Martin. This was the first time Marija was scheduled to come to Caritas for a fully publicized prayer event. Our Lady continued to appear every day to Marija and did many beautiful things for the tens of thousands of people who were present during those five days. One of the most memorable apparitions of that time was on December 11, 1999. Caritas tell us:


"The fourth day of the five days of prayer was a special Christmas celebration. Our Lady had told Marija She would be appearing in the middle of this special event. Every pilgrim was asked to bring a flower to present before the crib of Jesus to show their love and commitment to Him. Twelve thousand people came that night carrying their flowers and their hearts in their hands to Our Lady. The following is Marija’s explanation of Our Lady’s apparition that night in the Field:

One of over 12,000 pilgrims at Caritas, December 11, 1999, in line to place his rose at the crib of Jesus.

One of over 12,000 pilgrims at Caritas, December 11, 1999, in line to place his rose at the crib of Jesus.

“At the moment when Our Lady arrived tonight, She looked at each and every one of us. She remained in silence, and I understood that I was being permitted to be able to recommend all of us. As I began to recommend everyone and all the intentions that we have in our hearts, Our Lady remained in silence. Then I began to recommend all of the sick that are here. And Our Lady remained in silence and watched all of us still! I kept looking at Our Lady, and I smiled and said, ‘Well, I recommend all the little ones and the big ones.’ And Our Lady gave me a big smile in return. Then Our Lady began to pray over us. After She prayed over us, I felt in my heart that maybe Our Lady wanted to say something to us. And so I said, ‘Well, do you have something to tell us?’ And Our Lady said:

‘Thank you with all my heart.’”

“But the thing that I wanted to leave as a surprise for the end was that Our Lady wasn’t alone. She came with three angels. Our Lady gave us a surprise even though it wasn’t Christmas. She celebrated with us by bringing angels.” 1


There were many other beautiful events that took place at Caritas during that time, including the private apparition with just the Community of Caritas in the Bedroom where Our Lady came with 5 angels. 2


For a full description of the December 8-12, 1999 apparitions at Caritas, click here.




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