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Our Lady's Visit of 1998

Marija's Visit of 1998

Four years after Marija's visit of 1994, she, along with her husband Paolo and their three boys at the time, came back to Caritas for another private visit from May 17 – 24, 1998. All of the apparitions were private, in the Bedroom of the Apparitions, except for the last one, on May 24, which was a public one in the Field of Apparitions. The Community of Caritas experienced many graces during this time with Our Lady. We are told by Caritas that:


"In one apparition, Our Lady confirmed some things that She was first asked by the founder during Her visit in 1988." 1


While we don't know the full details of what those things were, we know that they were in reference to some things Marija asked Our Lady on behalf of the founder of Caritas. According to Caritas, in 1998, Our Lady's answer was in the affirmative, but that She indicated to Marija that "The time has not yet come." 2


It will be an interesting thing to see how these things play out over the next years for when the time comes, and it's effect on the world. Until then we can only pray and wait for Our Lady to indicate when these things are to take place. It is our understanding that they are very positive.


For a full description of this private visit of Marija to Caritas, May, 1998, click here.



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