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Our Lady's Visit of 1994


Marija's Visit of 1994

(some content quoted from Medjugorje.com)


Five years after Marija's first visit, and the apparitions of 1988-1989 in Alabama where she was in the home of the founder of Caritas, Marija came again, this time with her husband Paolo, for a private visit for a few days in the beginning of February, 1994. There were three apparitions during their visit. The first two apparitions were in the bedroom where She appeared most of the time when Marija was there from November, 1988 to January, 1989. The third apparition took place in the Field. Caritas says:


"On February 1st, the only ones present for the apparition in the Bedroom were Marija and her husband Paolo, along with the founder of Caritas and his family. Our Lady’s message on February 1, 1994 was:

“I am happy to be here.” 1


Since Marija’s first visit in 1988-89, the founder and his family had been experiencing serious persecution.2 Our Lady could not have given more beautiful words, words that could have brought more consolation, joy, and peace to Caritas' founder and his family than the six words, "I am happy to be here." It made all their suffering and trials worth it.


We believe that this is an example to all of us throughout the world who, because of following Our Lady, or choosing God experience difficulties. The story of the founder of Caritas and his family are for us an example that you will never lose choosing God, no matter what it may cost you. God will always reward you beyond your hopes and expectations. May it be the same for all of us!


For a complete description of the three apparitions February 1-3, 1994 with Our Lady click here.



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