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Our Lady's Visit of 1988


The Bedroom in 1988

The "Bedroom of Apparitions" as it appeared in 1988 when Marija first came to Alabama.


Our Lady's Visit of 1988

(some content quoted from Medjugorje.com)

The founder of Caritas of Birmingham, also known as a Friend of Medjugorje, was able to ask Our Lady a question on October 6, 1986, through the visionary Marija. The question was:

“Dear Blessed Mother, if it is God’s Will, we humbly ask that the conversion taking place in Medjugorje be allowed to take place in the Parish of Blessed Sacrament in Alabama and that it ‘divinely’ be spread throughout the whole region. We surrender this Parish to you and ask if there is anything you request.”

Marija and Jakov went to the kitchen and Marija wrote down Our Lady’s answer which starts off with, “Gospa says”: (Gospa means Blessed Mother.)

“Pray and by your life witness. Not with words but rather through prayer will you attain what your desire is. Therefore, pray more and live in humility.” 1

Caritas of Birmingham goes on to state that:

"Our Lady’s answer was prophetic and not completely understood until November 18, 1988, when the Medjugorje visionary, Marija, came to America in 1988, along with her brother Andrija, and two friends. Marija donated her kidney to her brother at UAB Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama. Marija stayed in the home of the founder of Caritas of Birmingham and the Community of Caritas for over 2 ½ months. During Marija’s daily apparitions in the home where she was staying, Our Lady did many beautiful things and gave many beautiful and profound messages. Our Lady prayed, blessed, and converted tens of thousands of people who traveled there from as far away as South America, the Caribbean, and even Russia. After one apparition, Marija told the founder that Our Lady desired a community to be established here. Three to four years after these apparitions of 1988, different single men and women and whole families felt a call to become a part of what Our Lady was developing at Caritas through what She had already initiated and established through the founder. This was the beginning of the Community of Caritas. Those who came here to be in union with him in living the messages with their lives through love and obedience and through living them, receive the grace to help spread these messages around the world through the mission he founded, Caritas of Birmingham. " 2

It is the firm belief that the kidney transplant of Marija and her brother, was the means and human issue to get Marija to Birmingham, Alabama, thereby initiating Our Lady’s plans She foretold in the above October 6, 1986 message.


Another way of looking at it is in reference to the birth of Jesus. Was Jesus born in Bethlehem because of the census edict of Ceasar? Or was Jesus born in Bethlehem to fullfill the prophecies that the Messiah was to be born in Bethlehem of Judea? For believers, there is no question as to why Jesus was born in Bethlehem, however the human means to get there was the census edict of Ceasar.


In the same way the kidney transplant was the human means for Marija to come to Birmingham, thereby setting in motion all of the things that Our Lady wished to establish at the site.


For a reference of more detailed descriptions of all the messages that Our Lady gave during the 2 ½ months that Marija was in Alabama in 1988-89 click here.



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